"Attitude of Gratitude"

Attitude of Gratitude”


by Dr. Sharon R. Bonds, PhD.



Understanding gratitude and the role it plays in your life is one of the easiest ways

to change your life for the better. Gratitude is one of the most common feelings you


will have when you receive blessings, i.e. winnings, gifts, money (unexpected win falls)


and when you satisfy your intentions. The more you feel your target feelings of


gratitude, the closer your life moves toward your intentions. Gratitude will open


doors for you and create miracles in your life. Simply by feeling grateful and


expressing your feelings, your life changes for the better. It’s just that simple! With


that in mind, I’ll ask you this and also ask that you take a moment to think about and


ponder the following question:


What Are YOU Truly and Deeply Grateful For?


The reason I ask is due to the simple and unwavering fact that deeply felt, emotionally


charged and consistently expressed sentiments of gratitude serve as the catalyst for


profound, seemingly magical and miraculous transformation in your life.


The way that you create gratitude in your life is to look around and note the things in


your life that you are grateful for. You can write them down or say them aloud or to


yourself, but acknowledge everyday the things you are most grateful for in your life


and always end your acknowledgment with the biggest “thank you,” you are able to




The simplest way to express gratitude is to adopt and incorporate the words “thank


you” into your daily regiment. Saying “thank you” is a verbal form of expressing


gratitude. Please note that you can never be too thankful, in fact the more


thankfulness and gratitude you have the more abundance you will receive. Now, the


reverse is also true, the less gratitude you display for the things that you already have


will result in those things both physically and spiritually, being taken


away from you. Our goal at this point is to monitor, see and insure that all of your


thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all thankful, grateful and positive.. This is


often difficult for us to accomplish in a material world of thought-forms of violence,


sex and greed. While we cannot be protected from seemingly negative events, we can


learn no to dwell on them and thus attract similar events into our lives. This is called


the law of attraction, which is a universal law. The law states, in short that “like


attracts like” the law operates through you, the energy base by whatever you think,


say, command, feel and your actions produce energies. These energies attract like


energies for example, negative energies produce negative energies, positive energies


produce positive energies and energies of gratitude produce energies of abundance


that’s attracted to you and into your life. It’s on the same plane of reaping and


sowing, what goes around comes around, you get what you give, behavior is a


mirrored image of self and what you put out is what you get back. All the


aforementioned expressions are descriptions of the law of attraction and if so be the


case then every action of thankfulness or should I say gratitude causes an opposites


reaction of receiving that which is equal to the amount of thankfulness, or should I


say once again, the amount of gratitude you are giving to others. So be thankful and


grateful, then sit back and watch your life change for the better if you incorporate a


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