Behind every experience is a lesson; Are you getting your lesson?

“Behind every experience is a lesson; Are you getting your lessons?”

by Dr. Sharon R. Bonds, PhD.

“Behind every experience in this life is a lesson and its up to you to get it or you

are doomed to repeat it, while the lesson gets harder and harder every time you


All experiences in your life time are inclusive of a lesson. Everything happens for a reason; there is no such thing as chance. All occurrences are continuous and unbroken although the individual often does not understand the reason for the event. The higher planes are those that build mastery the lower planes are those that complete unfinished business. The soul stays on the lower planes of existence for many lifetimes until it had released itself from Karmic debts and responsibilities that have been harmful to growth.

When as initiate begins to assume a higher state of consciousness, the higher self (which controls the higher planes of existence) brings experiences and lessons to the individual that builds character. Karma is dissolved and replaced by the test of initiation to strengthen the soul. The higher self then defines personally characteristics that need refinement or strengthening and brings lessons with individuals (opponents) into a person’s life to help that individual understand how to grow in the light. Such examples might include lessons in:

  • Overcoming pride
  • Asserting with love
  • Learning unconditional love
  • Controlling fears
  • Surrendering ego to the will of God
  • Controlling the emotional and or mental bodies
  • Desiring to be of community or world service

When unpleasant events become a part of one’s life (Karmic), it is helpful to know that these events have come for one of two reasons:

  1. Either there is unfinished business that must be resolved before the soul is allowed to move to a higher plane of existence, or
  2. There are lessons that must be learned to achieve a higher state of existence and enlightenment.

There are no other reasons for karmic debts experiences which are designed for humans to evolve to higher states of consciousness. Nothing escapes the law. All is in Divine Order. There is no such thing as chance occurrence or coincidence. To say that coincidences exist is to say that the events so designed could exist outside of universal mind and order. This cannot be and it can’t happen! All is universal mind and all is in order…all is law and no one escapes! Essentially what this means is that when you are on your path you must first begin to conquer the mind and the emotions. You must acquire self-love, enabling light to flow continuously through you. Additionally you must have constant communication with god, as you are daily while god communicates too, through and from you. Also note that you always have the freedom to choose your actions in life which your are held responsible for. The difficulty most of us experience is learning that we have the ability to choose our outcomes and develop the skills necessary to master our behavior needed to achieve positive results. In this sense, humans need to achieve positive results. In this sense, humans are provided the capability of moving on to better choices. Please note the following to help you on your path:

  • We control nothing but our responses to other people’s behavior.
  • Life is about choices and those choices are inclusive of lessons to be learned and once you have learned your lesson you move on to other lessons unless you fail a lesson. If you have to repeat that lesson it only gets harder and harder.
  • Nothing occurs by chance.
  • We are all responsible for creating our own reality, for every action produces a reaction.
  • We can learn to identify the events in our lives that are the result of current behaviors, the results of past karma, or test of initiation for our spiritual growth.
  • Developing the strength of our will and the clarity of our goals provides us with the power to create our own reality.
  • When we have not developed spiritual awareness, we remain trapped in separating behaviors which inhibit our growth; we are controlled by the wills of others, we lack self confidence, and it becomes a struggle to change our stereotypic behaviors.
  • As we begin to achieve a higher consciousness in our lives we are provided with lessons and experiences that enhance our spiritual growth and move us toward mastery.
  • We gain control over our lives by avoiding extreme behaviors, developing a strong will and sense of purpose and staying centered, calm and peaceful at all times.
  • You can tell where you are spiritually by the level of test that comes into your life.

“You can determine your level of spiritual development by the test that you are confronted with daily! These test and temptations that you are confronted with allows you to grow and develop to high levels.  Be thankful for temptations and test because these are the ingredients for your advancement in the spiritual world, as well as your advancement to perfection!  This is my thought too you!”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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