"It's all about love!" Love...What is it?

It’s All About Love”

Love …. what is it?


by Dr. Sharon R. Bonds



One of the most difficult questions that I have tackled with in this life time is to


simply explain “what Love is!” Love is inherently free and it cannot be brought, sold,


traded or appointed. Nor can it be commanded, demanded or disappear. In my


opinion love consist of energies that are apart of the force of nature that’s larger than


life. You can set the stage to invite love, but you have no control on when, if or how


it will arrive to express itself. You can choose to surrender to love or not, but in the


end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable. Love arrives in your life


without conditions, stipulations, addendum, memorandums or contracts. In fact love


is unconditional and as result you will find yourself loving people you don’t like at all


or the individual you love doesn’t love you, but then you find yourself staying with


that person anyway. Love has no guarantees that the person you love will reciprocate.


So with that being the case, you must approach love from a technical standpoint.


Began to change your perception of what love is and is not. The universe only


recognizes acts of kindness and unconditional love. In fact I can venture to say that


all spiritual lessons of growth and development are contingent upon the application


on unconditional love. Knowing that love is not just a sensation of the emotions, the


intense desire to own or posses another in order to feel a sense of wholeness or in


some cases, the thrill of the conquest and obtaining what seems to be “a great prize”

at the time, which most often becomes a great burden instead. So in short love


means “JUSTICE” and “LOVE is everything! If a person is not treating you just, they


don’t love you nor do they love there self! You have to love yourself before you can


love anyone else….if you can’t love you, you can’t love!. Love cares what becomes of


you because love knows that we are all connected. Love is compassionate and


empathic. Love speaks out for justice and protects when harm is being done. Love


displays and points out the consequences of hurting oneself or others while love


allows room for anger, grief, loss or pain to be expressed and released. But love does


not threaten to withhold itself if it doesn’t get what it wants. Love is not self-sacrifice


and victimhood, where you give away so much of yourself that you no longer have an


identity of your own. It has been said, you are to love others as you love yourself.


Well let me tell you this, that so many people have such low self esteem and


disdain of self, if you use this premise, you have littele to project toward others.

You must first build the essence of love within you, in your soul center, and you

begin by accepting that you are a divine
spark and worthy of love, respect and all the

joy, beauty and bounty of creation.
Now it is time you begin a love affair with yourself,

where you begin to focus on what
i s right about you instead of what is wrong. Begin to

listen to listen to the whispering
intuitive voice of your soul self (which will grow louder

as you acknowledge its
wisdom) as it gives you encouragement, insight and awareness of

your vast potential.
Love is not enabling those around you to dishonor you and abuse you

as they
reinforce your own projections of unworthiness. How can you expect anyone else to


treat you with respect and love if you are not willing to set boundaries

nd send clear messages of love, acceptance and worthiness for yourself and for others,

as well!  The
limiting, crippling thought forms of self-sacrifice, martyrdom, suffering and the


denial of the beauty and perfection of your physical vehicle must end. Allow all these


destructive thought patterns to be dissolved from your consciousness. Let thoughts


of gratitude and thanks resonate in you life. Love yourself and others


unconditionally while sitting back and watching your life excel in greatness! It’s All


About Love!!!

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