“Words like thoughts have molding power”

by Dr. Sharon R. Bonds, Ph.D.

Please understand that words possess the ability to heal or cause permanent damage in the recipients’ life. So when speaking to others, you should realize that the power of the chosen words you elect to emit can heal, help, encourage, discourage, wound, harm or destroy based on the intent of the provider to the recipient. When speaking, if you intend to heal, your words should soothe, encourage, enhance, uplift, support, help, words of truth, honesty, and kindness. On the other hand, words of belittlement, discouragement, manipulation, destruction, lies, negativity, being judgmental, or invalidation are words that possess the power through the intent of the provider to destroy the recipient. Know that the spoken words are units of expressions that carry vibrations and spirits as a means for the provider to convey to the recipient their feelings, emotions, warnings, faith, hope, and thoughts. Words have energy vibrations’ and spirits attached to them that affect both the sender and the receiver while opening up vibrations that invoke feelings and emotions into the recipients and those spirits are invoked by the providers’ intent. We as human beings possess the power to heal or kill based on the spoken words intent to the recipient. There’s an adage that states,” the power of life and death is in the tongue” and we know that God created heaven and earth, including all of its contents and us through the use of the spoken words. Yes, words have power! When you speak choose words that are positive, healing, truthful, and loving because behavior is a mirrored image of self and only what you put out is what you will get back. This is why people feel down depleted or depressed when they focus on the negative side of a person or situation and feel uplifted or joyful when they notice the positive qualities of a person or situation. Given that our bodies are made mostly of energy and water, which makes us the conductors of energy. Imagine the impact of our thoughts and words on our health. Now if words have an energy base and that base affects our health, then it means that negative, unforgiving thoughts would be the seat of most sickness and cancers. Energy flows easily between people….how are we affecting those around us?

Tips on how to use the power of words to heal:

- Forgive and be forgiven. It's all about love! Forgive yourself and others.

- Note that the provider's tone, delivery, and intent impact the recipient of the spoken word.

- When speaking to others regardless of the situation look for the good in that person before you speak. Remember to always be positive and avoid negative thoughts, feelings, and gossip. Remain positive at all times.

- Change your views from being judgmental to compassion and understanding. When you find yourself judging others' inappropriate behavior, shift from condemning them to having compassion for them. You’ll feel better for doing this and so will the recipient. Remember that all behavior has built-in consequences and ignorance of its existence does not negate the consequences. In other words, you reap what you sow.

- Self-preservation means to always, without exception think positive of yourself. Do not be hard on yourself, forgive yourself, and think positive of yourself and your accomplishments. Be loving and forgiving while knowing that you did your best.

Start validating your strengths, skills, and talents daily as a way to stay uplifted.

Know that you are only responsible for your responses to other people’s behavior and you can’t control anyone.

- Adopt the attitude of gratitude by being thankful for everything, especially for your life, health, and strength. Express gratitude by helping others and in so doing you will help yourself to stay healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Be thankful and appreciate your life, family, and friends that way. Like attracts like, so as you focus on what you are grateful for, you’ll attract more of that into your life.

- We don’t employ self-emptying minds, so empty your thoughts to your closest friend or family member and get the benefits of hearing your feeling, reflecting on the lessons to be learned, forgive yourself and others while move-on positively.

- Positive thinking extends your life and employing an attitude of gratitude rewards your life.

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