Recipe for Sucess: Understanding how spiritual laws provide sucess

Recipe for Success

Understanding how spiritual laws promote success.


Dr. Sharon R. Bonds, PhD.

When spiritual laws are violated the violator will pay the consequences’ whether they know they exist or not.  In other words ignorance of the existence of spiritual laws doesn’t negate the consequences.  You see, all behavior has built in consequences to include the behaviors of success and wealth.  In order to receive or allow the behavior of success to manifest itself one must take the following steps to incorporate the following ingredients’ into their life:


Make time to be silent for 30 minutes twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Total silence is the link to connect to your inner self for spiritual guidance and relaxation.


Patience and non-judgmental behavior are the key your transformation process.  Say to yourself every morning “This day I will love unconditionally and I will not judge anyone, to include circumstances, situations or conditions.  I will accept all things unconditionally while being non-judgmental. Allow this thought will be a constant remainder throughout the day.  Don’t be negative!


I will always give gifts because gifts make room in your heart and in the hearts of others.  My gifts will consist of smiles, compliments, prayers, thankfulness, or it could be something tangible.  By giving gifts I begin the process of circulating and incorporating joy, happiness, success, wealth and affluence into my being and into others.  Just as much as you give, that will be as much as you receive.  If you give sparingly you will receive sparingly. Now the flip side of giving is to receive.  Start off by receiving natures beautiful gifts of the sun, moon, stars, birds, flowers, plants, sky, trees, and life itself…be thankful for everything and everyone around you knowing that every individual’s presence in your life is a gift.  Always be receptive to receiving gifts from others because some individuals utilize this technique as an expression of their true feelings.  Don’t be judgmental….give and receive with an open mind!


Commit to giving and receiving because this flow of energy, not only opens doors, but it also keeps success and wealth circulating through you and your surroundings.  Always be open to giving and receiving gift of caring, sharing, appreciation, affection, understanding and love knowing that this behavior is the caulis to cause positive change.   So silently throughout the day when you meet and greet others silently wish happiness and prosperity with prayers of healing for their lives and you will notice a great change for the better In your life.  Remember all things go in circles, so if you send good, good can only come back to you.


Realize that you are what you eat, so incorporate a naturally organic diet without processed foods or foods without pesticides, growth hormones, artificial favors, colors and additives because synthetic foods (to include processed foods) are the major causes of depressive disorders and the etiology for most mental disorders.  Control your diet with organic foods and control most mental and emotional disorders.  Begin to watch the choices that you make, not just with food but with others as well.  Be fully conscious and examine your choices to see if the choices that you are about to make are for the good of all harming or depriving none and in accordance with your peaceful free will.  Ensure that all your choices produce happiness for yourself and others.


When dealing with others deal with them from your heart.  If your heart condemns, stop then regroup and comply with your heart at which time you should pause, become silent and your heart will reveal the answer as to what actions you should take and the consequences of your behavior if you don’t comply.


Always practice acceptance.  Accept people and situations as they are.  Remember that most situations are designed to promote growth and development on a spiritual level.  Situations and people are generally test of initiations (which are issues and situations with others) that affords you to grow from one level to another. The universal law is the law of unconditional love and life situations allow us to experience test to apply the application of unconditional love.  When you accept people unconditionally it affords you the opportunity to reap the benefits of other experiences while fostering the development of knowledge.  You will be surprised at the information and knowledge you will received from others when you accept them unconditionally and while being nonjudgmental.  Listen to the message from everyone and not judge the vessel or I should say the individual because sometimes you may be entertaining angels.


When you practice acceptance you take responsibility for who you are, what you are and your situation at that moment while realizing that all you have is the present moment.  Taking responsibility is not being judgmental and blaming others, but rather accepting your current situation and the responsibility that goes with it.  Become defenseless, cease to defend your point of view and remain open to the views of others.  And always be honest to yourself and others because this behavior will unlock doors to further enhance your spiritual growth and development.


Make a list of your desires then post the list so that you can see it daily and prior to your silent meditation.  Review that list then begin to imagine yourself with your desires and believe that your desires are yours.  Remember that thoughts are things and thoughts create.  Now, if your desires don’t manifest themselves the way you desired them to know that there’s something bigger and better for you than you have conceived.


Know assuredly that all you have is the present moment and focus on that moment.  Don’t get caught up in things that consume and dissipate your focus on the present moment.  Only accept the present moment as it is and as you see it.  And if you decide to manifest the future in the thought realm do it through your deepest, most cherished intentions and desires.  Intent is everything!


Allow yourself, as well as others the freedom to be who they are.  Do not attempt to change or complain about anyone’s behavior or issues.  Because to complain imparts additional problems and issues on those that you complain about while placing a burden on the person that you are complaining to.  It’s recommended that you continuously detach yourself for all problems, issues and complaints.  Accept individuals and thing as they are.


Remember that nothing is really certain, so it’s best to include in your daily regiment the element of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is the path to freedom that’s paved with spontaneity.  When uncertainty is included in your life solutions will spontaneously spring out of issues, problems and concerns which will provide the security of knowing that all problems have a solution that will emerge.  Also, by allowing uncertainty to manifest itself you will experience life differently with complete fun and adventure and doors will began to open exposing to you the mysteries of life.


Take the time to note your special and unique qualities that you are born with and they distinguish us from one another.  Enhance those qualities through meditation and continued uses to provide assistance to others on there perspective paths.  Notice that when you utilize your special qualities to stimulate others it stimulates you.  The joy that you feel when you are assisting other surpasses time and the feeling overwhelms you with joy knowing that you have changed someone’s life for the better.


Realize that life is in others, we can’t do it alone and the joy, love and peace that you incorporate in others you incorporate in you.  When you utilize your unique qualities to assist others it causes a chain reaction in your life of abundance, joy, peace, love and serenity.  Understand that we are all connected to each other and when you render joy, peace and unconditional love to others you create it for yourself.  All behavior is a mirrored image of self.  Always ask yourself how can I help and assist others and in doing so you open the doors of help to yourself.  So be nonjudgmental and approach life with uncertainty while allowing spontaneity to manifest itself.  Treat others as if you are treating yourself and the fruits of this behavior will be the key to success and wealth.

These seven steps with behavioral ingredients are powerful steps to enable you to attain self-mastery.  By focusing on and manifesting these seven steps you can have whatever your desires are.  You immediately notice that following these steps will change your life to a more joyful and abundant one because these steps are spiritual laws of life and they make life worth living.  The seven spiritual laws are as follows:

Step One – The Law of Pure Potentiality is manifested through silence, meditation, nonjudgmental behavior and communion with nature, but it’s activated by Step Two – The Law of Giving the rule is to give what you seek, which activates Step Three – The Law of Karma means if you want money give money and if you seek love, appreciation and affection then learn to give them.  Create good karma and it makes life easy and activates Step Four, The Law of Least Effort when everything is easy and effortless your desires are fulfilled and spontaneously begin to manifest Step Five – The Law of Intention and Desire if accepting the present moment and fulfilling your desires with effortless ease makes it easy for you to practice Step Six – The Law of Detachment helps you to focus on your true purpose in life and leads you to Step Seven – The Law of Dharma which is the expression of your unique talents being utilized to assist humanity.  When you assist humanity you begin to allow joy, love and peace in your life and your life becomes an expression of Love which is success!

The universal spiritual law is the law of LOVE.

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