"Soul Searching: Answering questions from within that religion can"t"

“SOUL SEARCHING: Answering questions from within that religion can’t”

by Dr. Sharon R. Bonds

Please meditate on the below-listed responses, while being totally honest with yourself listen to your inside response and be true to them. If you like you can use a piece of paper to record your responses and thoughts. Keep your responses for thirty days and repeat the exercise. This exercise is designed to invoke thought while enhancing your emotions and feelings while connecting you with your inter-man, namely your soul. Have fun getting to know yourself.

  1. Note that when you are looking for a teacher or advisor, take the time to notice their life. True teachers live what they preach and know that a teacher is only qualified to share the truths they can demonstrate in their day-to-day life. Be worried of those teachers that state, “Do as I teach and not as I do.” These teachers are not qualified to teach because they are in the lesson themselves. A true teacher will point you in the direction of your own empowerment, not for their empowerment.
  2. Your attitude is everything! A bad attitude brings negative events, causes, and responses. Attitudes of emotional and mental control are the most important factors in bringing you closer to spirituality.
  3. Personal control at all times over negative emotions and feelings is necessary to create balance and empower you. Once balanced you become more sensitive and you will be able to manifest what you desire in your life.
  4. Ask and it will be given to you

Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened for you.

Everyone who asks receives and the seeker finds,

And the door will be opened to one who knocks.

And who among you, if your son asks for bread will give him a stone?

Or if he asks for fish will give him a snake?

If you, who are cunning, know how to give good gifts to your children.

How much more will your father of the skies give good gifts to those who ask him? -The Bible (Matthew 7:7)

  1. The being inside of you is called a soul. Your soul doesn’t think like your mind it feels while it perceives energies and it senses the vibrations of your emotions through feelings. Your soul cannot see or hear but rather it perceives sight and sound, which is the intrinsic part of you that’s always “IS.” The mind must be trained to be the servant to the soul not the ruler of the soul. An attitude of love, wonderment, and gratitude places your soul in command. Be thankful every day! In fact, you should recognize 5 or more things that you are thankful for every day from now on!
  2. If you would like to be free to exercise the neutralizing power of the heart you need to go into neutral while letting things take their course, relax and walk discretely which will allow you to feel but not to be a slave to feelings, to exercise control over the mind and not be enslaved by passion or excessive desire. In short, to be free your mind must be trained to listen to your inside and serve your soul after a connection has taken place between you and your soul.
  3. Following the spiritual path is made easier by following an experienced traveler, which is your soul. Your soul is eternal and has traveled earth during numerous lifetimes….connecting with your inter-man. Your soul allows you to tap into your inter-wisdom. All the answers you need are already inside of you waiting to reveal themselves to you.
  4. Negative forces are nothing more than positive forces in a lower vibration – the world of matter, feelings, and thought.
  5. The more developed and the higher you are spiritually is indicated by the level of test you encounter daily. In short, it’s your ability to deal with daily challenges…it separates’ the weak from the strong.
  6. You are the past life of someone in the future if you believe in reincarnation.
  7. The main purpose of the soul is to learn how to give and receive love without possession, in other words learning how to love without ownership. Compassionate love is a detached feeling and not vulnerable to the mind or the passions of emotions. Compassionate love energy is considered as the mothering aspect. Detachment and compassion equal unconditional love. It’s all about love!
  8. Always consider yourself as being a spark or a beacon of light connected to god. Because when you realize that you are connected all feelings of guilt, shame, loneness, and fear disappear. You will have self-acceptance which removes all feelings of punishment or being critical of yourself. Stop beating yourself up. Remember you are playing a role interacting in the game of life, thus living a dream. To change your role, change your thoughts and change the game, then you can transform your dreams into your greatest desires.
  9. No act of kindness however small is ever wasted!
  10. Use your common sense along with your logical mind to compare new information with past experiences. Allow new concepts time to prove their own validity.
  11. Some people have the Messiah complex which is when they believe that they have all the answers, they have the real truth and you must learn it from them. But in reality, the real truth would say to you, “Come, let us grow together, I will share my knowledge, enlightenment, spirit, and wisdom with you and you can share yours with me and though our mutual resources with support…. together we will progress more quickly, grow to unknown limits and develop.”
  12. Be wary and avoid anyone who wishes to take away your power or assume authority over your spiritual growth and development.
  13. To the degree that you love yourself, you will accept love from those around you.
  14. The secret to change is to focus all your energies, not on fighting the old, but rather to build the new.
  15. Karma is action and reaction or cause and effect. Wisdom erases karma.
  16. If you are feeling stuck, consider everything and ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What is the real fear behind the issue?
  2. What needs do I have or feel that are not being met?
  3. What am I doing (or thinking) that creates disharmony in my life?
  4. How can I change my behavior (or thoughts) to create more harmony in my life?
  5. Am I enjoying this disharmony or is it fulfilling my loneness, etc.(confusion, drama, pity…) or feeding something in my life.
  1. A change in attitude quickly leads to a change in behavior.
  2. Ascension is taking place one day at a time and one thought at a time.
  3. We all are doomed to perfection whether we like it or not, so why not sit back and enjoy the ride.
  4. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone helped the neighbor!

With best wishes for peace profound and in love with the light, Dr. Sharon R. Bonds

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